The lowest fuel prices in the world today to Rp 1,200 per Liter

18 Nov 2014 - 05:20:34 am
Not all countries apply the limit price to sell fuel for vehicles. There are countries that sell the FUEL at a price so cheap, that is Rp 1,200 per liter. Is Venezuela, which has never raised the price of fuel since the 1980s when the Government of Venezuela first. raising the price, large riots occurred in the capital of Caracas.

The price in Indonesia can only be obtained during the rule of President Suharto which gives large subsidy for fuel. While in Venezuela, cheap price that is based on the assumption that FUEL is one of people's rights, owned since birth.Cited Among from the Mail Online, only Venezuela the only country in Latin America that had the world's lowest FUEL rate. The rest is dominated by Middle Eastern countries who in fact is the State oil Tycoon.

As a result, Venezuela often become victims of the smuggling of FUEL to neighboring countries. Colombia is one of the countries that receive counterfeit FUEL from Venezuela. Because, fuel prices in Colombia was up to 40 times the price in Venezuela. The number of counterfeit FUEL even greater than marijuana and other illegal drugs.
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